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Southern California Wedding/Portrait photographer

"The photographs you took are nothing short of magical. Each image tells a story, capturing not only the moments but also the emotions and the essence of the day. We are beyond thrilled with the results,"

~Amy L. (past bride)



I’ve been a wedding photographer for over 12 years and have loved every minute of it.    

I’m driven by a passion to document powerful stories and capture moments of true intimacy and love. 

My shoots are characterized by a chill, relaxed vibe where real moments can unfold naturally. 

My imagery is distinguished by its deep, rich color, precise composition, and flowing direction. All these elements come together to create a bold cinematic aesthetic. 


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All collections include 5-11 hours of photography, an online gallery of all your finished images,  and of course, Jamie Lee as your main photographer!   

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Having a wedding can seem OVERWHELMING!
With us, you can sit back and drink a...

There are many decisions and details; all of them are important. We have one chance to get this right! Consider that when you hire us you won’t have to worry about anything. When you sit down and view your photos you will realize that your meticulous planning and financial investment has been well spent. Your beautiful moments, both fleeting and grand, will be captured to be enjoyed for generations to come.

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Let’s sit down and chat about your upcoming event! If you prefer to text or talk, contact  me at anytime: 909.282.2887

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"Jamie is a true artist with his photography - creative, talented as well as super organized and technologically advanced beyond what we thought possible. The clarity and vision of his photographs are exceptional, as if they were a series of stills from a movie shoot."

~Jenny L. (past bride)