Karen and Irwin Engagement @ Arlington Garden & Pasadena


The engagement session for Karen and Irwin turned into the engagement-all-day session and we had blast at every turn.  We decided to peel-out all around Pasadena until we got hungry and stopped for Pastry!  Our first stop was at the Arlington Garden.

The Wishing Trees are just beginning to fill out!

Then we ran through Pasadena City Hall, taking pictures like a hurricane!


Love this set of four images.  I think I’m calling it, “The Leap.”

Stairs are the most fun when you run down them without looking down!  A bit risky but it makes for great pics!

Berkley vs Stanford Rivalry!  who will win the POSE OFF!


The POSE OFF ended in a tie.  Then it was a quick little stroll through downtown Pasadena before we hit up 85 degrees Bakery for some delicious carbs.

I think this part of 85 degrees Bakery works like a pet store.  Seeing these cute little buns in cages makes you want to take all of them home.


cool pants?

the Sofa store had some really cool shaped lights and looked nice adjacent the string lights wrapped around the tree.

Before we left, I dragged them all the way over to these cute string lights, that I saw in front of a random gate.  Worth It!

Congratulations Karen and Irwin.

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