Karen and Irwin @ Catamaran Resort, San Diego


Karen is the type of lady who can rock the hell out of 4 bridal dresses–two traditional Chinese, one super-bridal, and one chill bridal. Irwin only had one wardrobe change, but that makes sense, bc you can’t upstage the bride. I didn’t change at all throughout the day because nobody cares what the photographer wears–even though at one point I wished I had sandals. Together the three of us zipped through a 16 hour wedding day full of treats and gifts and sandwiches and tasty hors d’oeuvres and ceremonies. At the wee hours of the night they were still full of energy, dancing like rock stars and I was still right beside them, clicking away. Enjoy the slideshow!

Karen and Irwin from jamie lee on Vimeo.

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