Aivy And Darrell Wedding Photography at Royal Restaurant and Banquet, Westminster


By the time I’d pulled up to Aivy and Darrell’s house on the rainy Saturday morning of their wedding, I’d already gotten to know them pretty well. I shot both their engagement ceremony the year previous as well as their engagement session a few months before. One of the things that struck me most about them as a couple was their desire to always put family first. They told me about the important of the Tea ceremony as well as scheduling their wedding in a manner which could accommodate their more senior family members. For those that don’t know the Tea Ceremony is a tradition in many Asian cultures whereby both sides of the families, immediate and extended, meet and are served tea by the married couple. It’s used as a show of respect and honor to the families.

After the tea ceremony it was off to the Church for the wedding ceremony and then to the amazing Royal Restaurant and Banquet at Westminster. If you’ve never been to a Vietnamese Banquet reception please do so immediately! It usually consists of 7-12 courses of food which includes everyones favorite, Fried Lobster! The Food at and general ambiance of Royal Restaurant is absolutely fantastic! Thanks to them for being amazing hosts and congratulations on your wedding day Aivy and Darrell!

Check out the slideshow below for some juicy bits of wedding photography and make sure to fullscreen that sucker.

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