Aivy and Darrell @ San Juan Capistrano Mission & San Clemente


Just a couple of days before Thanksgivings (and just a day before a giant rainstorm) I had the pleasure of shooting Aivy and Darrell’s engagement session at the San Juan Capistrano Mission! Although they admitted to being a bit nervous beforehand, it just took them just a few minutes to open up and soon they were down for everything I threw their way! We capped off San Juan with a visit to their historic district. Although we didn’t go to the petting zoo (I admit I’m afraid goats will eat my camera gear!) we did hit up the cutest coffee shop at the end of the track. Darrell bought me my first ever Chai Tea (delicious!), and I made them play a game of chess, even though Darrell had no idea how to the pieces moved, because I loved the color of the chessboard. After our caffeine break, we skidaddled over to San Clemente beach where we caught a glimpse of sunset, played in the water, and capped the night off with one of those cool, looking off into the distance while sitting on rock and embracing shots. Can’t wait to shoot your wedding Aivy and Darrell!

Check out the amazing moments captured in the slideshow below. and don’t forget to view it FULLSCREEN!!

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