Breanna and David wedding photography @ Newhall Mansion, Piru


Venue: Newhall Mansion
planner: Tricia Dahlgren TDE Events
Videographer: justlikefilm
Floral: Acton Creative Flowers

Yes, sometimes wedding photography happens on the the hottest day in California’s recorded history!  116 degrees in Piru, CA.  And sometimes, you debate whether you should wear your pair of formal shorts to photograph a wedding, but then decide against it because that’s dumb and there’s no such thing as formal shorts! But honestly, it wasn’t nearly as hot as I expected inside and around the grounds of Newhall Mansion. Or maybe I was a bit too awestruck by the beauty of it all to notice.   Covid/Wildfires/Blackouts be damned!  Bre and Dave’s wedding was an epic one for the books!

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