Giovanna and Eric @ Laguna Beach


Giovanna and Eric are gorgeous and goofy and look amazing frolicking at the beach! At first, G & E told me they were a bit nervous about the photoshoot beforehand but I could hardly tell because after a few minutes of hanging out and talking, they were ready to try anything I threw their way (including rolling down a hill for that awesome tumbling shot! JK). We explored Laguna’s coast, taking pictures and having adventures, including being followed by a pigeon (you can see it in the slideshow on the 8th picture), standing too close to a wave and almost being swept out to sea, staging a fake argument at a beach dinner table, and doing one of those really epic looking-away-from-each-other shots with a nearing sunset. We finished the photoshoot off with some flights at Project Social and a friend chicken sandwich that’s to die for!

Check out the shenanigans below and make sure to watch in fullscreen!

  1. Mirianne Kirk says:

    I am the mother of the bride to be. Thank you for capturing these two amazing human beings. I am thrilled to share them.

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