Stephanie and Steve wedding photography at The Reef, Long Beach


Last week, yes just one week ago, a few days before the wedding and event industry, as well as the rest of the world, was put on hold for self-quarantine, I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding of Stephanie and Steven!

The unique aspect of Steph and Steve’s wedding was just how jaw dropping amazing each location was. Our day started off at the penthouse suite at the Westin in Long Beach where Steph, her bridesmaid, and her family came to get ready. When I first walked in and saw that gorgeous staircase I said, yes! that’s definitely where we’re doing our parent first look! And I must give myself a pat on the back because Steph looked amazing walking down that staircase and seeing her parents for the first time in her wedding gown. Also, I have a thing for gray walls! They’re the perfect compliment to the warmth of skin tones and I love how the colors harmonize when editing is finalized (note to future brides booking rooms–gray walls ftw!). From the Westin, we headed out to St. Anthony’s Church. This church is a beautiful piece of architecture that mixes a mission aesthetic with traditional cathedral elements and is extremely bright and bold in color!

Our final location that day was the Reef in Long Beach, a restaurant and event space that overlooks the Long Beach harbor. My second shooter and I were actually treated to a seat inside the reception space with reserved seating! Usually, as vendors, most venues put us in a closet somewhere to eat our meals. LOL. the particular stunning aspect of the Reef’s reception space is their wall of glass that overlooks the water and shows the gorgeous city lights of downtown Long Beach.

Special thanks to Stephanie and Steven as well as the two Ashley’s at Fab Weddings by Ashley. Check out the slideshow below for the full story.

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